Research jobs on campus

See the postings below and follow instructions. Eligibility is outlined in each posting.

Summer 2023

Undergraduate Research Assistant – Dominican literature and cultural studies. For more information, see

Fall 2022

Web Designer and Social Media Manager – See details to apply. BA students taking courses in Latin American Studies and History are eligible: Bridge to Argentina Internship. The student will help manage the research project “Taking the Museum Online: The National Immigration Museum (Buenos Aires)”. Working collaboratively with graduate students and academic researchers in North America and Argentina, this undergraduate student will help make a virtual museum in collaboration with the Museo de la Inmigración. This project seeks to help an Argentine institution engage with the public as COVID concerns and public health restrictions keep people out of large spaces and lessen travel. It also seeks to give a bigger space to academic research in public discussions and memorialization of the past in Argentina. By striking a balance between Spanish and English content, the project seeks to cater to an international audience interested in learning more about one of the biggest destinations for international labour migrants between 1860 and 1960.