Minor in Latin American Studies

Minor in Latin American Studies

This is an interdisciplinary program intended to provide students with a broad exposure to the cultures, histories, and languages of Latin America. Ideally, the Minor complements a major in one of the participating disciplines that comprise Latin American Studies, but it can be combined with any major program in Arts. The Minor allows students to construct truly interdisciplinary approaches to their programs incorporating a broad range of disciplines within Arts.

First and Second Years

Students take LAST 100 and nine credits from the following courses:

ANTH 202 (3/6) (when the topic concerns Latin America)
ARTH 261 (3)
HIST 250 (3/6)
HIST 252 (3)
LAST 201 (3)
LAST 205 (3)
SPAN 220 (3/6)

SPAN 280 (3)

Third and Fourth Years

Students take at least 18 credits of upper-level courses with Latin American content as listed for the Major (see above) in at least three of the following subjects (disciplines): Anthropology; Art History; Economics; Geography; History; Latin American Studies; Political Sciences; Social Work; Sociology; and Spanish and Portuguese literature and culture courses with Latin American content.

Up to six credits from these courses taken for a major may also be counted toward the Latin American Studies minor.