Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the study and teaching of Latin America at UBC and throughout the lower mainland. Our program serves as a hub for Latin American-related activities involving teaching, research and community outreach, and aims to facilitate the development of Latin America-related curriculum and public events. With over 35 core and affiliated faculty members ranging across 15 departments and several faculties, our program offers a wide variety of options to students interested in pursuing Latin American Studies. The teaching and research of the Latin American Studies program is guided by this statement of principles.

Our Major and Minor Programs

Our major and minor programs are an opportunity for students to take courses in multiple departments, providing students with an understanding of the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of the region. The LAS major and minor are designed to provide students with the flexibility to pursue their interests through different disciplines, and opportunities to develop and fine-tune the language skills and intercultural competencies that serve as the foundation for multiple postgraduate and career pathways.

Our Graduates

LAS students graduate with wide-ranging skills that are in demand in diverse industries and governmental settings. The Latin American Studies major and minor serve as the foundation for careers in public service, business, education, humanitarian work, law, health care, non-profit organizations, NGOs, foreign service, tourism, and many other fields. Students are strongly encouraged to combine the Latin American Studies major or minor with a major or minor in another discipline, to expand their multi-disciplinary skills even further.

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