The Latin American Studies program strives to support all postdocs on campus. We welcome SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellows, UBC Killam Postdoctoral Fellows, and various postdoctoral researchers supported by their countries of origin. However, only departments (such as Anthropology, Hispanic Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, etc.) and not programs (such as LAS) can formally host postdocs. See the Core and Affiliated Faculty for potential postdoctoral supervisors and contact them directly. Any postdocs formally affiliated with UBC are encouraged to contact the chair, Dr. Benjamin Bryce ( so that they can become involved with our program.

Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellows, 2023-24

Diana K. Moreiras Reynaga (Anthropology & Philosophy). Bioarchaeologist and Anthropological Archaeologist. Indigenous foodways; residential histories; Mexica (Aztec) society, religion, and rituals; reconstruction of ancient Mesoamerican lifeways.

Michael Rom (History): Brazil, Jewish immigration, politics of belonging, Cold War, Global Sixties.