Latin America on campus

UBC has many clubs that foster and celebrate Latin American cultures on campus and the LAS program organizes and welcomes joint initiatives with clubs. If your club wants to become affiliated with the LAS program, please send a message to the chair or a message on Twitter.

Affiliated clubs


COLSA, (AMS Colombian Student Association at UBC) aims to organize cultural and social events that allow fellow students, staff and faculty from the University of British Columbia to enrich their global perspective in the spirit of Colombian cultural heritage, traditions, and folklore. Our events seek to celebrate Colombian cultural heritage, traditions, and folklore, and consolidate a network of support for students who share similar interests and backgrounds associated with Colombia and Latin America. Email us at: or message/follow us on Instagram @colsaubc for events and updates.


UBC Latin Dance Club,, Instagram: @ubcldcEstablished in 2005, the UBC Latin Dance Club is a student-run organization that is full of Latin dance lovers. Our goal is to spread the love of Latin Dancing to the rest of UBC and form an inclusive community! Throughout the academic year, we offer classes in salsa, bachata, Argentine tango, and Kizomba at various skill levels. We also organize weekly socials to help you practice your moves and dip your toes into the world of social dancing! Our club also organizes regular workshops, events and parties, and our members can attend for free or at a discounted rate.