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These are all the undergraduate courses offered at UBC that may have content suitable for the Latin American Studies major or minor. Not all courses are offered every year. Some courses may or may not have Latin American content, depending on the year and the instructor.

Latin American Studies

  • LAST 100 Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • LAST 201 Popular Culture in Latin America
  • LAST 205 Issues of Development in Modern Latin America
  • LAST 301 Human and Civil Rights in Latin America
  • LAST 303 Indigenous Peoples of Latin America


  • ANTH 202 Contemporary Social Problems [may have Latin American content]
  • ANTH 232 Ancient Latin America
  • ANTH 303 Ethnography of Special Areas [may have Latin American content]
  • ANTH 323 Archeological Foundations of Mesoamerica
  • ANTH 332 Oral Tradition [may have Latin American content]
  • ANTH 353 Ethnography of Latin America
  • ANTH 403 Ethnography of Special Areas [may have Latin American content]
  • ANTH 411 Prehistory of a Special Area in the New World [may have Latin American content]

Art History, Visual Art and Theory

  • ARTH 261 Prehispanic Arts of Central and South America
  • ARTH 342 Latin American Art: Modern and Contemporary
  • ARTH 370 Arts of Mexico’s Early Peoples
  • ARTH 371 Arts of the Aztec period in Mexico
  • ARTH 372 Maya Public Ritual Arts
  • ARTH 373 Maya Objects of Identity, Wealth and Status
  • ARTH 440 Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Art [may have Latin American content]
  • ARTH 471 Seminar in Pre-Hispanic Art


  • GEOG 395 Introduction to the Changing Landscapes of Latin America
  • GEOG 495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas


  • HIST 250 Latin American History
  • HIST 252 Modern Caribbean History
  • HIST 357 Selected Topics in the History of Mexico
  • HIST 358 State and Society in Twentieth-Century Cuba
  • HIST 444 Slave Societies in the Americas
  • HIST 450 Selected Topics in Latin-American History
  • HIST 451 Family and Community in Latin America
  • HIST 453 Class and Culture in Latin America
  • HIST 455 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
  • HIST 456 Race and Nation in Modern Latin America

Political Science

  • POLI 332 Politics and Government in Latin America


  • PORT 201 Second year Portuguese I
  • PORT 202 Second year Portuguese II
  • PORT 392 Studies in Portuguese and Brazilian Literature

School of Social Work

  • SOWK 440 Social/Community Development and Community Based Research [may have Latin American content]


  • SPAN 221 Introduction to Literary Analysis in Spanish
  • SPAN 222 Introduction to the Analysis of Hispanic Cultural Texts
  • SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I
  • SPAN 302 Advanced Spanish II
  • SPAN 312 Latin-American Literature in Translation
  • SPAN 364 Survey of Spanish-American Literature to the 1820s
  • SPAN 365 Spanish-American Literature since the 1820s
  • SPAN 404 Topics in Hispanic Cinema [may have Latin American content]
  • SPAN 405 Topics in Peninsular and Latin-American Culture [may have Latin American content]
  • SPAN 406 Gender Representation in Hispanic Literature and Culture [may have Latin American content]
  • SPAN 450 Topics in Spanish Language [may have Latin American content]
  • SPAN 470 Topics in Spanish-American Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Literature
  • SPAN 490 Topics in Spanish-American Literature of the Twentieth Century


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